What is Accounting.

Accounting is the recording of financial transactions plus storing, sorting, retrieving, summarizing, and presenting the information in various reports and analyses. It is a way of assessing the assets, liabilities and cash flow,or future of entity current and future investors.


What is web designing, Development, Graphic Designing, DTP?

Web design is a similar process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.


What is Programming?

The process of developing and implementing various sets of instructions to enable a computer to do a certain task. These instructions are considered computer programs and help the computer to operate smoothly. Ex- C,C++,JAVA,.NET


What is Hardware and Network?

Hardware and Networking is a vast field in India. It is refers to the process of supplying data and information by linking the group of networks using hardware such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables.


Director Message.

A heartly welcome to the students seeking admission through our study centre. I hope that your stay during the contact classes and practical will be academically rewarding and professionally meaningful, as you are likely to be provided Excellent Teaching and Guidance by a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members. Several professional jobs and career-oriented courses are being run for the benefit of the students in general and society in particular.


A 12 Years old Institute that has servered 20,000. Since dacade F-Tek is professionally managed and developed organization.

The institute aims to train students to respond competently and confidently to the economic, social and organizational challenges arising from a rapidly advancing technology, a shifting economic base and a global market place and to enhance the capabilities of organization through research and consultancy.

We Are Experts in Making Bright Future.

We build future careers in the IT sector.

We have excellent experiential knowledge and are proficient in its application.

We are logical, analytical & persistent and continue to be good learners.

We are trained to work on projects in groups that gets them to perform as teams.

Our communication and presentation skills are very good.

We are good at planning and organizing.